Unique Sports Management International, Is led by Torrel Harris, CEO a highly respected professional negotiator with over 31 years of experience as a sports agent, representing some of the top professional athletes in sports. ABOUT US
Torrel negotiated the most significant contract in Philadelphia 76ers history with Tobias Harris signing a max contract for $180 million this past free agency period.  The organization is comprised of experienced and reputable sports leaders with a commitment to putting the athlete first.
Unique Sports Management International is a new breed of sports agency professionals who are socially and technologically savvy, creative and have a firm understanding of the rigors of modern media and marketing. Brand development plays a key role in PReparing the future of the professional athlete. OUr Agency provides services that are important to the athlete’s career such as training, personal development, social media access/networking, image management, marketing, financial guidance, lifetime financial advisory, brand management, philanthropy, licensing, endorsements, speaking, video games, merchandise and digital content.
Unique Sports Management International’s mission is to help clients have a positive and meaningful impact on and off the court and playing fields, by addressing all aspects of the professional athlete’s development. In order to monetize commitments long after they retire, a strong emphasis is placed on the personal and financial growth of our clients.


Unique Sports management International is a group of highly talented and reputable sports professionals. Collectively USMI’s Leadership Team comprises more then a century of professional experience in the sports industry.
In addition, our partners and experts provide services in the area of Contract Negotiations, Financial Management, Marketing/Brand Development, Philanthropy, Training and Athletic Development, Social Media, Public Relations and Mental Health & Wellness.