USMI is a full service sports agency focusing primarily on athletes in the NBA and NFL. The organization is comprised of experienced and reputable sports leaders with a commitment to putting the athlete first.

USMI is a new breed of sports agency professionals that are socially and technologically savvy, creative and have a firm understanding of the rigors of modern media and marketing. Brand development plays a key role in formatting the future of the professional athlete.

USMI provides services that are important to the athlete’s career such as training, personal development, social media access/networking, image management, marketing, financial guidance, lifetime financial advisory, brand management, philanthropy, licensing, endorsements, speaking, video games, merchandise and digital content.

Mission Statement
Unique Sports Management International’s mission is to help clients have a positive and meaningful impact on and off the courts and playing fields, by addressing all aspects of the professional athletes’ development. In order to monetize commitments long after they retire, a strong emphasis is placed on the personal and financial growth of our clients.